Flipkart Refer and Earn Offer 2018: Use Referral Code & Win Signup Rewards


Don’t you wish  to earn money without doing any work? Well this wish of yours has come true. Flipkart is sharing money to its users on its app when you share it with your friends who have not joined Flipkart yet. The offer provides you for Rs. 300 discount on your next shopping.

 So what are you waiting for? Take your phone out, open the Flipkart app and start referring your friends to join the best online shopping website to shop their best products. Check out the details of this flipkart app offer here.

The Flipkart Refer and Earn Offer

Unlike other refer and earn offers this one is more special as you get to refer your friends on the Flipkart website and you can get to shop from one of the biggest online shopping website in India. So do not wait and start shopping on Flipkart, start referring and start getting the discount on the same.

You can refer this offer to as many people as you want by sharing tour special referral link to your friends. However, the reference reward will be limited to first three friends of yours that will join Flipkart.

Once you have referred your friends to Flipkart, once they join Flipkart you will get discount of Rs. 100 on a shopping worth Rs. 500. The Flipkart refer and earn offer can be availed thrice by a user through one account.

Flipkart Referral Offer for New User

If you have been referred by your friend to join Flipkart and after you have installed the app in your phone successfully and logged in too. You will get Rs. 100 in your account directly that you can avail within 30 days of creating the account. Next, you can refer Flipkart to your friends and earn Rs. 100 discount on a shopping done with Rs. 1000 on Flipkart app.

Flipkart Referral Offer for Old User

Do not worry if you are an old user on Flipkart. As, you can also refer Flipkart to your friends for a maximum of 3 times. After they create an account and do shopping on Flipkart worth Rs. 1000 on Flipkart then you will receive a discount voucher of Rs. 100 in your account. This Flipkart discount voucher you can avail for a shopping amount of Rs. 1000 or more on Flipkart.

How to avail this Referral Offer From Flipkart

Earn more money in your account with this referral offer on Flipkart. To start doing it all you got to do is read and follow these easy steps mentioned below.

  • Go to Playstore or app store and install Flipkart app on your phone.
  • Once done with the installation. Sign up for Flipkart using your mobile number. Complete verification and your registration by entering the OTP sent to you on your phone.
  • Once, your registration is done, go to options.
  • Select the “Invite and Earn” option.
  • Click on the “APPLY CODE” on the banner on the top of the page that says, “Got an invite flipkart referral code from a friend? Use it to earn a reward.”
  • Enter the six lettered alphanumeric referral code from your friend.
  • You would receive a gift voucher right after you sign up on Flipkart using the particular code.
  • When you purchase something worth Rs. 500 or above this voucher would be visible at that time. It would be directly applicable when you are shopping or you can choose to avail the offer at that time manually.

Rules and Regulations of this Sign up & Invite Offer from Flipkart

Before you start using the referral offer, check out these little terms that will be useful for you.

Rules For Referer

The user must be already registered on Flipkart as a customer. You can refer Flipkart as many times as you want however you can get discount of only first three referrals that you make. You only get the amount for the first three referrals you make to your friends however you can refer Flipkart to your friends as many times as you want. Your friend must not be already registered on Flipkart as a user. You can avail the discount voucher provided worth Rs. 100 on a minimum purchase of Rs. 1000 made on Flipkart within 30 days of getting the discount.

Terms of the Flipkart Refer & Earn Offer For Referee

The referee cannot avail the offer if he is already a registered user on Flipkart. You will get Rs. 100 as a sign up bonus on Flipkart that you can avail on a minimum purchase of Rs. 500 on account. The offer is only valid on Flipkart app. The discount can be availed within 30 days of getting the discount coupon. You can only earn up to 4 rewards on Flipkart. 1 that you earn through referral and the other three times when you refer to your friends. The offer is limited time period offer and Flipkart can stop the offer at any given point.

So, start shopping in the ever-present Flipkart sales and referring to your friends to earn more money on Flipkart. The offer is available for a maximum limit of Rs. 400. You can share happiness and smart shopping tricks to your friends and earn more money with the referral. So, take out your phone, copy the code and start sharing it to your friends now! We hope you have a happy time shopping.

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