Flipkart Books Sale: Offers 70% Off On Academic, Fiction & Other Novels


If you are a nerd, then embrace it! Flipkart is putting up a books sale on their website which will provide you with all sorts of books, such as- story books, fiction novels, cooking books, inspiration, biographies and of course the subject books!

So, if you are searching for a hidden and treasured book somewhere then first check this Flipkart sale out and find yourself the book that you desire at up to 80% discount. Yes, we are not kidding here, all the books at up to 80% off. Check all the other details out down below for the Flipkart Sale on books.

Ongoing Sale & Offers on Flipkart Books

Here is a table which will make your search easier for looking the perfect book for yourself at the discounts mentioned. Check out the category wise discounts under the Flipkart offers on books that you can avail.

Categories  Discount percentage
Story Books Starting from just Rs. 48
Comic Up to 67% off
Novels At up to 42% discount
Subject Books Minimum 20% off
Biographies Starts at Rs. 35 only
Indian Writings Up to 67% off on all
Classic Novels Up to 70% off

Site-wide Offers on Books under this Flipkart Sale

Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card Offer 

Now shop whatever you want to from your Axis Bank Buzz credit card and avail a flat discount of 5% on every purchase you make with this Flipkart bank offer.

Highlights of the Offer-

  • You do not need any minimum amount of purchase to avail the offer
  • Maximum discount available per user is Rs. 200
  • The offer can be redeemed till 31st March 2018 only
  • The offer is available for a limited category of products only
  • It is available on EMI bought products too

Major Book Genre & Categories available under this Sale

Educational and Professional Books

From senior secondary books, competitive books, course study books, English books you can get all of them on this sale from Flipkart. Under the sale all of these are available at a discount of minimum 20% discount. Can you believe it? Well if you cannot then head on to Flipkart deals on books now and know yourself.

  • Famous Authors 

Get books from M. Laxmikanth, Lakhmir Singh-Manjit Kaur, Arihant books, Seervai and many more specialised authors in various fields under the sale.

  • Popular Books- 
    • The success file for physics, chemistry and maths for class 12th students from CBSE from Flipkart. The book is available at just Rs. 495 only instead of its original price of Rs. 495 instead of its original price of Rs. 1100 only on the sale.
    • Get the textbook for Medical Physiology from Flipkart which comes at just Rs. 1400 instead of its original price of Rs. 1795 on the sale. The book is written by Guyton and Hall who are renowned in the field and Flipkart sells their 2nd Edition which was published lately.
    • Now buy the renowned book ‘The Indian Polity’ from Flipkart book offers at just Rs. 445 instead of the original price of Rs. 730. This book has got an average user rating of Rs. 4.5 stars on the website as well.
  • Why one should buy them from Flipkart? 

The discounts on all these books are nonstop and in order to buy any or all your course book at such discounts you should not let go this golden chance that you have got! The supplies are of new editions and at Flipkart sale on Formal books that you cannot miss.

  • Special Book Discounts on Flipkart

Apart from the discount that are available on Flipkart you can get all the books you are looking at, at discounts of extra 5% off on the products. This offer is available on selected books only.

Fiction and Non-Fiction Books on Flipkart Sale

Fiction and non-fiction books are the most loved books by every reader. On the sale on Flipkart you can grab them at up to 70% discount rate. So if you are a romantic novel fanatic or a thrill lover all your genres can be found on the Flipkart book sale.

  • Famous Authors

Get books from J. K. Rowling, George Elliot, George R. R. Martin and many others from Flipkart on the sale. From bestsellers to the very selective books.

  • Popular Books-
    • Get Milk and Honey book from renowned author Rupi Kaur which provides for various poetries spread across its pages. The book can be purchased at just Rs. 310 from Flipkart sale while originally it was priced at Rs. 499 instead.
    • Sita- A Warrior is much loved book from the author Amish. It has also got a rating of 4.5 stars on Flipkart. The book comes at just Rs. 222 only on Flipkart instead of its on store price of Rs. 350. This book is part 2nd of the book series.
    • Get the Set for Game of Thrones, all books from Flipkart. The book set comes for just Rs. 2079 instead of its original price of Rs. 3,999. The set includes all 7 parts and comes with hard case cover too.
  • Why one should buy them from Flipkart?

These books might turn out to be very costly if you go to a book store to buy them but on the sale, you will get it at such amazing discounts that go above 67% off on the total price.

  • Special Discount

You can buy certain selected books from the sale at a special Axis Bank Buzz Credit card offer that provides extra 5% discount on the books you purchase.

Deals on Religious Books under this Flipkart Sale

Are you looking for good religious books everywhere but get a not so good collection. Flipkart book sale is the answer to all your questions to all the religious book finds. We cannot hold it in but tell you that there you can find discounts of up to 65% off there.

  • Famous Authors

There are books available from Sri Sri Ravishankar, Balgangadhar Tilak, sayings from Quran and Geeta in original form.

  • Popular Books- 
    • Grab the book 99 thoughts on Ganesha from the sale offers available on Flipkart. The offer will let you buy the book for just Rs. 200 instead of its original price of Rs. 250. It comes in Hindi language and is written by Jaico and consists of 240 pages.
    • Get the much famous book- The Book of Ram by India’s famous bestseller mythologist. The book can be purchased at just Rs. 156 only instead of its original price of Rs. 299. The book comes in paperback cover and it is published by Penguin publishers.
    • Get your copy of Bhagwat Gita, from Flipkart at just Rs. 300 only. Originally it cost about Rs. 395. the book comes with hardcover binding and it is written by BalGangadhar Tilak and published by Parag Prakashan. Language of the book is hindi.
  • Why one should buy them?

Because Flipkart offers a very wide range of products on their website that you will be justify to choose from them for hours. While when you go to a shop you will not find them in such huge number and the prices, they are way too low here. So why not buy your next book from here?

  • Discount on Flipkart books

If you find a book that is costly and it will be hard to buy. Well, you can get them at no cost monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis at prescribed rates for different banks.

Famous Biographies at The Flipkart Book Sale

Taking you a step closer in the life of the well-renowned personalities biography are the best relaxation yet motivating kind of treasure that one must explore. But under the Flipkart upcoming sale, you can get all of the biographies from different people at a discount so heavy that the price of the books begins at Rs. 35 only.

  • Famous Authors

The biography section deals with the stories of he authors themselves, the most popular ones include Steve Jobs, Mother Teresa, Sachin Tendulkar,  freedom fighters and other many such famous personalities.

  • Popular Books- 
    • Peek a boo into the life of much secretive Karan Johar’s biography that is written along with Poonam Saxena. The book’s title is An Unsuitable Boy and is available for just Rs. 454 only instead of its on store price of Rs. 699 on Flipkart.
    • Get inspired with works of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam through his notes from his autobiography- Wings on Wire. The book is available at just Rs. 241 instead of its original price of Rs. 375 on Flipkart.
    • If you are a true fan of Sachin then you must give this book a read to know his struggles. The book is an autobiography by him- Playing it my way. It can be bought for just Rs. 298 only instead of its original price of Rs. 499.
  • Why one should buy them from Flipkart?

Getting all kinds of biographies and many many options to choose from for even one personality is not easy otherwise but on Flipkart. Options, discounts, ease of one tap you can get all of it with the Flipkart offers and we think that you should not let it go.

Sale on Story Books / Comics on Flipkart

Kids love hearing a good story at night and if they are not getting one of those then it is a huge problems. So do not run short on stories that your kid wants and instead buy them all from Flipkart at up to 70% off discounts. Shocked? Don’t be as there’s more to know, the offer also includes famous comic books too in the offers.

  • Famous Authors

You can get books from Disney, Marvel and DC comics, Tintin comics and fairytales that even are come in a compiled form and gift set form too.

  • Popular Books- 
    • Learn more about the Simba and its family when you read the book All in a Family to your kids or your kids read it itself. The book comes directly from Disney at just Rs. 99 while on Flipkart you cna get it for smashed discount rate of Rs. 54 only.
    • Get a set of 20 in 1 stories from Young Angels that provides for the bestselling stories in one set. You can purchase the set at just Rs. 285 only. Originally it was priced at Rs. 300 though. It comes in paperback cover and can be replaced in 10 days.
    • Read the much famous comics of Tintin and purchase it from Flipkart. The sale provides the book at just Rs. 324 only instead of its on store MRP of Rs. 499. This offer is available on its series of The Black Island only.
  • Why one should buy them from Flipkart?

All these books are available at a very high cost otherwise but on Flipkart. You cannot even find comics of your favourite superhero and on Flipkart you can get them on discounts and in various chapter division as well.  

Why one should Shop under Flipkart Books Sale & Offers?

This sale from Flipkart will take away all your worries of buying a new book that you have been searching for everywhere. You get the best of all books available here and few of them being latest launches have been put up on sale for the first time ever.

So, if you want to buy a new book for your studies or just reading or exam preparation the answer to all your finds for the perfect We don’t know any other place where you can find this huge collection of books at such great discounts that provide up to 70% off. So you should not miss out on this sale and do your shopping there.

How to shop under the sale?

Love the idea of the sale but don’t know as to how to avail all the offers on the sale? Well worry not as the offers are very easy to avail and can be taken use of by following the easy steps that we have compiled for you.

  • Visit the Flipkart website or app
  • Select the products that you like or you can search for the specific book as well.
  • After selecting the product add it to the cart.
  • To add products in the cart you will have to first log in or sign up on Flipkart.
  • Once done with the registration you can opt to check out.
  • On the check out page you will be told to add your details.
  • After adding the details, you will be redirected to the payments page where you can choose the payment method.
  • After you have chosen the mode of payment your purchase will be complete.

Do Not Miss out on the Flipkart Sale on Books

Get the book that you have been wishing for long now with the discounts available on Flipkart. The sale is offering all the major categories and genre that are available for a book lover at up to 70% discount. So do not waste any more time loitering around the nearby book stores and buying books on their exact original MRP but buy them on a great discount from Flipkart offers that are available on books. We hope you enjoy shopping there and have a great reading time.

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